EX- Machachari Actor Baha Reveals Why You Won’t See Him on Any TV Soon

Former Machachari star Tyler Mbaya, affectionately known as Baha, has recently shed light on his hiatus from television screens, citing a pursuit of personal growth and fresh endeavors as his primary reasons.

With an extensive tenure spanning over 14 years in the television industry, Baha has opted to venture into a journey of self-exploration and embrace novel challenges.

In an open-hearted discussion on the Dialogue Dive YouTube platform, Baha provided glimpses into his career trajectory and future aspirations. He articulated a yearning for roles that push his boundaries and elevate his professional standing.

During his hiatus from television, Baha has redirected his focus towards nurturing his daughter, Astra Nyambura, as a devoted single father. Despite the inherent trials of solo parenthood, he finds immense fulfillment in the experience and places paramount importance on actively participating in his daughter’s upbringing.

Drawing from his own upbringing, which lacked paternal presence for a decade, Baha is steadfast in his commitment to offering his daughter a contrasting narrative. He emphasizes the significance of being more than just a provider, aspiring to cultivate a genuine friendship with his child.

Moreover, Baha grapples with the intricacies of introducing his daughter to the realm of social media, acknowledging the potential exposure to criticism and negativity. Nonetheless, he remains resolute in his dedication to instilling resilience within her and offering steadfast guidance through life’s inevitable hurdles.