Otile Brown Thanks to Mothers For Being The Biggest Supporters of His Music

Kenyan musician, Otile Brown, has expressed his gratitude to mothers for being his biggest supporters in the music industry. Although they do not attend his shows, Otile Brown acknowledges their unwavering support in shaping his music career. As an orphan who lost his mother at the tender age of 12, Otile Brown reflects on the impact that mothers have had in his life, describing them as his guardian angels.

Through a post on social media, Otile Brown pays homage to mothers for being his biggest fans, and how they constantly show their love for his music. He reveals that before taking any action, he always considers how mothers and fathers, who are his fans, would perceive it. While he acknowledges that he is not perfect, he always strives to earn their love and respect. Otile Brown expresses his deep appreciation for their support and affection, which nourishes his soul and gives him the greatest feeling ever.

In summary, Otile Brown, the Kenyan musician, is grateful to mothers for their unwavering support in his music career, despite not being able to attend his shows. He describes them as his guardian angels, acknowledging their significant role in shaping his life. Otile Brown appreciates their love and support, and always considers their perceptions before taking any action.