5 police officers and 4 teachers injured as police vehicle rolls severally in Mandera

On Thursday, June 6, a mishap in Banisa, Mandera County, left five police officers and four teachers injured. The unfortunate event unfolded around 4:00 pm as a police vehicle, assigned to the Border Police Unit (BPU) in Choroqo, traversed from Banisa towards the Guba area.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the vehicle encountered a pothole upon reaching the Armamo vicinity, resulting in the rupture of both the right front and rear tires. Subsequently, the vehicle lost its trajectory, swerving off the road and overturning multiple times.

The occupants, comprising five police officers from Banisa Police Station and four educators, sustained injuries amid the chaos. Prompt assistance ensued, as the injured were swiftly extricated from the wreckage and transported to Banisa Sub-County Hospital for urgent medical care.

The damaged vehicle has since been towed to Banisa Police Station, marking the aftermath of the distressing incident. Authorities have initiated investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident and are expected to furnish a progress update in the forthcoming days.