Facebook post causes a Kenyan professional golfer to be booted out of tournament

Kenya’s professional player, Richard Ainley, was kicked out by Kenya Open Golf Limited after  he breached the PGA Challenge Tour Rules after posting derogatory marks on his Facebook wall.

Ainley’s woes started when he was barred by the security personnel from packing his car inside the Karen Country Club since he didn’t have the official car pass given to Professional Golfers of Kenya.
Aniley is said to have had an altercation with Club captain Owino Ayodo concerning the incident.
Ainley didn’t take it lightly and went to update Facebook page on his frustrations.

“I see colonization had not ended. Only Kenya’s elite and mzungus allowed to park at the Kenya Open Karen country Club.
“Us few PLAYERS that have cars have to make a good long trek yet it’s not matter if you are late.Shindwe! I’m taking it low out of anger.”
An hour later, Ainley would post: “Because of my Facebook post I’ve been refused to play as my invitation has been withdrawn. To those I may have offended I’m sorry. To all you other Kenyans play well!”
Tournament director Patrick Obath said Ainley was in serious breach of PGA European Tour Rules section C but said they would go slow not to punish Ainley further.
“We have only barred him from this year’s Kenya Open,” said Obath.
Such breach of rules attract fines up to 15,000 pounds (Sh2m).
Obath said he didn’t expect an experienced player of Ainley’s calibre to embarrass the country and himself when he knew the channels to follow.
“When players register with PGK, they are given tickets and passes for themselves and their guests,” said Obath.
“The security personnel at the gate follow instructions and Ainley should have had his car pass to get through and he knows that.”

Ainley defended himself saying he has previously asked for a pass to park his car inside the club but in vain.
“I have done that before without success.  “We can’t park far away I carry my playing equipment all the way,’ said Ainley. “We need equal treatment when it comes to Kenya Open,” said Ainley.

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