Cera Imani Confirms Breakup With Car BoyKhalif Kairo

Cera Imani has recently opened up about her relationship with Kenyan businessman and car dealer Khalif Kairo. In an interview with TNX Africa, Cera Imani spoke candidly about their breakup, expressing acceptance of the situation.

“I asked for a companion and Kairo entered my life. We were together, and that was that. I always believe that you can never predict what will happen in life, so just pray and accept it.”

Cera revealed that she was taken aback when Kairo publicly announced their breakup but chose to accept it gracefully.

“He’s a smart businessman. I was surprised when he announced our breakup on X, but I accepted it and moved on. I hold no grudges and am focused on improving myself further.”

Despite the breakup, Cera emphasized that she and Kairo remain good friends and that she values the positive experiences from their time together.

“Everything is okay. Each time I am with someone, I take the good out of it. For now, I am relaxing. I need to grow. Life has no manual, no rules. I’ll do my things, and if something comes along the way, then I’ll see what it has for me.”

Kairo has been trending on social media after posting an emotional message on X, alleging that his partner had moved on and was no longer with him. He shared with his followers that he felt as if his life had come to a standstill following their separation, as his partner had been his entire world.

In a recent interview with Ankali Ray, Kairo claimed that Cera Imani broke up with him on a Saturday, just days after they had faked their breakup for a social media experiment.