“Alikataa Kupigwa Picha Na Chira akiwa Uhai”: Baba Talisha, Roasts Mulamwah On Camera

Baba Talisha and Peter Kioi publicly criticized comedian Mulamwah in a recorded session preceding Brian Chira’s funeral.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, the digital content creators expressed their grievances, claiming that Mulamwah had shown disdain towards Brian Chira while he was alive. They suggested that Mulamwah’s apparent aversion stemmed from unfounded rumors and misconceptions about Chira.

Baba Talisha asserted that he had requested Mulamwah to promote a fundraising Paybill for Talisha on his social media platforms, which Mulamwah declined to do. According to Talisha, this refusal highlighted Mulamwah’s lack of support for charitable causes.

Peter Kioi criticized Mulamwah’s attitude, predicting that his arrogance would hinder his success. Kioi recalled Mulamwah’s refusal to take a photo with Chira, suggesting that Mulamwah’s pride prevented him from showing basic respect and affection towards others.

“Mulamwah refused to pose for a photo with Chira, as if posing with him would lead to his downfall,” remarked Peter Kioi during the interview.

Mulamwah faced backlash on social media after refusing to take the photo with Chira, prompting him to address the issue publicly. He defended his actions, stating that he avoided associating with individuals who engaged in behavior deemed inappropriate or detrimental to society.

“I choose my associations carefully. If someone’s actions reflect negatively on me and the influence I have, then I must distance myself,” Mulamwah explained.

Mulamwah emphasized that his reluctance to pose with Chira stemmed from concerns about his own reputation and the message it would send to his followers.

“I don’t have a personal issue with him. My concern is that being seen with him could tarnish my image. He needs to rectify his behavior before we can collaborate,” Mulamwah clarified.

Additionally, Baba Talisha accused Mulamwah of failing to support him during a difficult time. Talisha claimed that Mulamwah refused to promote a fundraising Paybill for his daughter after she was involved in an accident.

“When I needed help for my daughter’s medical expenses, he promised to talk to his management about sharing the Paybill, but nothing happened. This was disappointing, especially considering I had previously helped him,” revealed Baba Talisha.

In summary, Baba Talisha and Peter Kioi publicly criticized comedian Mulamwah for his perceived arrogance, lack of support for charitable causes, and refusal to associate with individuals who might tarnish his image. Mulamwah defended his actions, citing concerns about his reputation and the impact of his associations on his followers.