“Eric Omondi Is Very Good In Bed But Akishakukula Halipi” Manzi Wa TRM Describes Omondi

Manzi Wa TRM has recently come forward to reveal that she had a one-night stand with comedian Eric Omondi in 2018 at 40forty lounge. While she claims that Eric refused to pay her Ksh25,000 after the encounter, she did praise his skills in the bedroom.

Despite Eric’s denial of the encounter, Manzi Wa TRM insists that it did happen and that he was very good in bed. She even went as far as to describe the specific styles that he used with her. This contradicts the claims of socialite Shakilla, who previously alleged that Eric underperformed during their own encounters.

Although Eric has promised to pay the money owed to Manzi Wa TRM, he maintains that he will not admit to her story being true. Regardless of the monetary dispute, Manzi Wa TRM will never forget the night she spent with Eric and his impressive skills in the bedroom.