Baba Gloria Unmasked: Identity Of Man Who Sent P@rn To Funeral WhatsApp Group Revealed

Baba Gloria Unmasked: Identity Of Man Who Sent P@rn To Funeral WhatsApp Group Revealed

Baba Gloria has been trending on Twitter since screenshot of his erotic video he mistakenly sent to a funeral WhatsApp group was leaked.

Members of a WhatsApp funeral contribution group were met by a rude shock after one of their own “Baba Gloria” sent an erotic video.

Baba Gloria accidentally sent video of a man and a woman having intercourse right in the middle of fundraising discussions in the WhatsApp group called “Mr. Njuki Send off group”.

The members were making contributions towards the burial of one of their own only to be bombarded by the erotic video.

Baba Gloria was demanded by some members of the forum to immediately pull down the raunchy post in a bid to hastily mitigate the damage.

However, an anonymous member took screenshot of Baba Gloria’s erotic post and shared on social media where it immediately went viral.

“Baba Gloria” is currently trending first on Twitter. Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have been poking fun at Baba Gloria’s misery.

However, some KOT decided to go farther and dug up more details about Baba Gloria who is having his 15 seconds of fame.
Online sleuths using Baba Gloria’s phone number established his real name. Some used True Caller while others used mobile money transfer service to establish Baba Gloria’s real name

According to True Caller, Baba Gloria name is Alex Kinoti while according to M-Pesa his name is Leonard Mugendi.

Other people who know Baba Gloria personally have been bombarding him with texts confronting him about his WhatsApp post.

Others have confirmed that Baba Gloria has switched off his phone – obviously because he is being spammed by messages.

“Baba Gloria” reminds the nation of “Bro Ocholla” who trended years ago after sending a steamy text to a WhatsApp prayer group called Embakasi Prayer Cell.