Nairobi Detectives hunt Eastleigh Motorcycle gang who, seriously injured and Robbed KSh3.9m

A task force of detectives has been mobilized to Eastleigh, Nairobi, in pursuit of a criminal gang responsible for the severe injury of a 26-year-old man during a robbery attempt targeting a substantial sum of $30,000 (Sh3,969,726).

The assailants, riding on a motorbike, targeted Adan Ali Mohamed, who was also commuting on another motorcycle along Eastleigh’s Muratina Street. This incident, which occurred on Saturday, March 30, at 11 am in a densely populated area, was captured by surveillance cameras.

The perpetrator, carrying the firearm, swiftly maneuvered past Adan’s motorcycle and abruptly halted before dismounting to approach his target. Upon demanding the bag containing the cash, Adan hesitated, prompting the assailant to discharge a round at close proximity, severely injuring him in the neck.

Medical professionals reported that the bullet inflicted damage to Adan’s spinal cord before exiting through his back, causing him to fall from his motorcycle while his companion remained bewildered. Seizing the bag of cash, the assailant swiftly mounted his awaiting motorcycle and fled the scene.

According to police reports, Adan had intended to deposit the money at a bank within BBS Mall. However, upon arrival, he discovered the closure of the bank, leading him to opt for a boda-boda ride home, unaware that he was being trailed by the criminals who possessed prior knowledge of the cash.

The funds comprised proceeds from two days of sales of oil products handled by Adan’s employer in the region. Witnesses rushed Adan to Health Gate Hospital nearby, where he received medical attention and was admitted.

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations inspected the site on Sunday as part of their ongoing investigation. They are meticulously reviewing footage from CCTV cameras positioned along the road and adjacent structures to piece together the events leading up to the shooting.

Starehe police chief Fred Abuga affirmed their commitment to apprehending the perpetrators and urged property owners in the vicinity to install surveillance cameras to aid law enforcement efforts.

A comprehensive investigation is underway to ascertain whether the incident was an inside job. Authorities are scrutinizing individuals who had interactions with the victim and those in his proximity.

Security officials emphasize the pressing need for an upgraded system to address the escalating demands of Eastleigh’s rapid growth.