Waiguru turns 50, invites Chito and Jalas to lavish party
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Waiguru turns 50, invites Chito and Jalas to lavish party

Today, Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru is in celebratory mood as she turns 50yrs,what a milestone right?

Chito and Jalas amazed the sweet however tough legislator with a call today and she was in high spirits her personal best maybe.

“Actually we had a big thing planned but we had to cancel because of covid-19 restrictions but in two months time when we plan something we are going to invite you two.” Said Waiguru.

The two proposed that Waiguru’s hubby, make her a rich meal as celebration and in the midst of her laugh she went ahead and said;

“I am not sure I would love to taste his idea of a sumptuous meal”

A day or two ago, Chito and Jalas featured the incredible measures that Waiguru had taken to pad her residents during these difficult moments and she says she will offer hope to his people of Kirinyaga.

We are trying very much to make sure we are taking care of our citizens despite the tough times and we are encouraging them to stay hopeful with their heads held high.

Waiguruthen went on to highlight some of the things she has accomplished for her people.

In Kirinyaga anyone with eyes can see the transformation, we have upgraded hospitals, built maternity wards across the county, built 12 markets among many other things.

The meeting continued on a high note as jalango and chito sang the birthday melody for her as she chuckled all through.

happy birthday madam Governor!

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