Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s ministry reshuffles key staff across the government

Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, leading the Public Service Ministry, has instigated significant changes impacting high-ranking officials across various government ministries. This comprehensive reshuffle, affecting a minimum of 135 officers, including Secretaries of Administration, Senior Directors, and Directors, is aimed at enhancing service delivery throughout the government.

Among the affected entities is the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi, which has absorbed a considerable portion of senior staff from the Department of Performance and Delivery Management. Mudavadi, formerly holding the position of Prime CS with oversight over the crucial State Department of Performance and Delivery Management, saw this department transferred under Kuria’s jurisdiction, despite initial disagreements between Kuria and Mudavadi regarding the portfolio.

In a circular issued by Amos Gathecha, Principal Secretary of Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, these changes will significantly impact human resources postings within the central government. The circular, disseminated to all principal secretaries across the government, outlines the agreed-upon postings that are to be implemented promptly.

Of particular note is the reshuffling of ministry secretaries for administration, including those within the ministries of Interior and National Administration. Many of these officials are drawn from the National Government Administration, including recalled county commissioners and Deputy County Commissioners.

In the series of changes outlined by Gathecha, notable reassignments include Amos Mariba’s relocation from the State Department of Internal Security and National Administration to the State House as Secretary of Administration, and Isaac Masinde’s transfer from the Ministry headed by Kithure Kindiki to the Defense docket as Secretary of Administration.

Further changes include the relocation of former Deputy County Commissioner Charity Bokindo to the State Department of Investments Promotion, Joseph Kanyiri’s appointment as Secretary of Administration at the National Counter Terrorism Centre, and Moses Mbaruku’s transfer to the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, among others.

Moreover, the office of Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has been bolstered with additional staff to fortify its mandate. Alfred Mudavadi, Andrew Teyie, Mathew Nyamwange, Cindy Kuria, and Caroline Munga are among those relocated to Mudavadi’s office, each assuming respective roles to augment its operational capacity.

Additionally, certain officials, such as Boniface Ngigi, Naomi Matheri, Samuel Wambugu, and Paul Kiagu, have been retained in their positions at the National Treasury, emphasizing continuity within key departments. These changes signify a strategic realignment aimed at optimizing governmental functions and promoting efficient service delivery.