Dr Ofweneke : I Dropped Out Of Law School For Comedy And I'M A Multimillionaire from It. -

Dr Ofweneke : I Dropped Out Of Law School For Comedy And I’M A Multimillionaire from It.

Dr Ofweneke is a well-known comedian, Mcee, and TV host in Kenya. He is admired by many for his success story of rising from grass to grace. Ofweneke trusted the process and worked hard to get to where he is today.

What most people don’t know is that Ofweneke had dreams of becoming a senior lawyer in the country before he dropped out of law school. In one of his interviews, he revealed that he had attended four high schools, including Lubinu boys, before joining the Kenyan school of law to pursue his dream.

However, while studying law, he started working as a comedian and got gigs that paid him well. He eventually made the tough decision to drop out of law school while in his third year, with only one year remaining to graduate, and concentrate on comedy.

Ofweneke’s hard work and determination paid off when he landed a spot on the biggest comedy show in Kenya, Churchill Show. He also got endorsement deals and MC jobs, and even landed a job at Standard Media Group where he hosted Ofweneke Night.

Despite dropping out of law school, Ofweneke has no regrets as he has made it in life through comedy. Today, he is a big brand, living a lavish life thanks to his talent. He also works as a TV host at TV 47, where he is well compensated for his work.