Content Creator Sadia Reveals She is Charging Ksh 400 For Instagram Message Responses, Ksh 300 Per Minute For Voice Calls, And Ksh 400 Per Minute For Video Calls.

Digital creator and model, Sadia Said, recently unveiled her updated pricing structure for engaging with her on various social media platforms.

In a post circulated on Instagram, Said disclosed her new rates: Ksh 400 for responding to Instagram messages, Ksh 300 per minute for voice calls, and Ksh 400 per minute for video calls.

Expressing the rationale behind the decision, Sadia conveyed that the influx of requests she receives has become overwhelming, hindering her ability to respond to all of them. However, by implementing these charges, she aims to filter out casual interactions and prioritize meaningful connections with serious individuals across different platforms.

By delineating these rates, Sadia seeks to streamline her interactions and ensure that her time is allocated efficiently, fostering deeper engagement with her audience while managing her workload effectively.