” I was in Class 6 The Year You Were Born,” KRG Tells Alleged 19 Year Old Daughter

Kenyan dancehall artist and entrepreneur, KRG the Don, recently addressed claims suggesting that he fathered a 19-year-old girl named Yvonne Njoki. During a meeting between KRG and Yvonne, he adamantly asserted that he could not be her biological father due to his age at the time of her conception.

According to KRG, in the year Yvonne was born (2003), he was merely 11 years old, still attending primary school. He emphasized that this age discrepancy meant he could not be Yvonne’s father. He specifically mentioned being in the sixth grade during that year, and his classmates could corroborate this fact. Furthermore, KRG clarified that he was not even in Nairobi during the period Yvonne’s mother claimed they were together, as he was residing in Kilgoris.

To resolve the matter and provide closure for Yvonne, KRG expressed his willingness to undergo a paternity test. As a parent himself, he understands the significance of knowing one’s biological roots and the challenges a child faces when they grow up without that knowledge. He acknowledged the importance of establishing the truth for Yvonne’s sake.

On the other hand, Yvonne’s mother alleged that she met KRG the Don during her youth when he was employed in Gikomba. She claimed that KRG initially accepted the pregnancy and even took care of the baby for the first few months. However, she stated that KRG eventually left them after meeting another woman. Contrary to KRG’s assertion that he was born in 1992, Yvonne’s mother insisted that he was born in the 1980s.

KRG contested these claims by stating that he obtained his identification card in 2010, implying that he was of legal age by then. He adamantly denied ever meeting Yvonne’s mother and maintained that their encounter never occurred. Nevertheless, KRG made a promise that if the paternity test results came back positive, confirming his biological relationship with Yvonne, he would sincerely apologize and take responsibility for his actions.

In conclusion, KRG the Don, a prominent Kenyan dancehall artist and entrepreneur, firmly maintains his position that he is not the father of Yvonne Njoki. He has offered to undergo a paternity test to ascertain the truth and, if the results are positive, he will humbly apologize and take on his responsibilities as a father.