Mulamwah’s Baby Mama Carol Sonnie Vs His Current Girlfriend, Who’s Hotter? (Photo Comparison) 

The comedian made a revelation about his breakup with his partner while she was three months pregnant, but they decided to keep it private until their child was born.

In September of last year, they were blessed with a baby named Keilah Oyando, even though they had already ended their relationship by that time.

“I have been unfairly judged by society. We actually separated before the baby was born. We made that decision early on, when she was three months pregnant. As a nurse, I understand the importance of taking care of a pregnant woman, which is why we delayed sharing the news,” Mulamwah explained.

When asked about the reason for their breakup, Mulamwah suggested that Carrol Sonnie had cheated on him during a financially challenging period. He stated that his ex-partner failed to understand his financial situation and would seek material possessions from others whenever he was unable to provide her with the best clothes or other necessities.

“She should have given me more time. It’s not wise to rush from one relationship to another. There were times when I couldn’t afford certain things or buy her the best clothes, and she would seek them from others, and it would deeply hurt me,” Mulamwah expressed.

Moving forward to February 14th, Mulamwah introduced his new girlfriend, Ruth, as they celebrated Valentine’s Day together.

Mulamwah certainly has a preference for slender women!

So, between Mulamwah’s ex-partner, Carrol Sonnie, and his new girlfriend, Ruth, who is more attractive? Take a look at the photos below and judge for yourself.

Mulamwah’s current Girlfriend Ruth