"Ilipakwa maji": Nairobi man laments after Vans he bought at "KENCOM" fade following day -

“Ilipakwa maji”: Nairobi man laments after Vans he bought at “KENCOM” fade following day

A man has recently expressed his disappointment on social media after discovering that the pair of shoes he purchased, believing them to be new, turned out to be visibly worn and old. The incident was shared on TikTok through a video posted by Miles254.

In the video, the man showcased the black shoes, which had already started to lose their color within a day of his acquisition. It was evident that the shoes were faded even at the time of purchase, contrary to his initial impression. This unfortunate transaction turned out to be the man’s worst purchase.

The man narrated in the video that he had bought the Vans shoes during the night at Kencoms in Nairobi. He revealed that he paid KSh 1,000 for them. Unfortunately, due to the shoes being wet at the time of purchase, he couldn’t discern their faded appearance. In his own words:

“Hey, guys! So, yesterday evening, I bought these Vans at Kencoms after work. The shoes looked fine, but they had been soaked in water when I got them. I paid a fair amount for them, thinking they were in good condition. But this morning, when I reached home, they appeared completely different. It’s like they’ve been gnawed by cows. This is definitely not cool, my friends.”

The man’s experience serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of being observant and making informed purchases, especially when buying items with potential defects or hidden flaws.