Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi promises to Connect unemployed Kenyan graduates with employers

Kenyan comedian turned activist, Eric Omondi, has pledged to provide job opportunities for unemployed youths, extending a heartfelt invitation via his Instagram platform. Encouraging those grappling with unemployment to join him, Omondi announced a gathering scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, at 8:30 am, to be held at the Blue Springs Hotel on Thika Road, opposite Gardens City.

Addressing the dire situation faced by many graduates without employment prospects, Omondi expressed determination to offer solutions. His message resonated with urgency, inviting not only graduates but also entrepreneurs and individuals with innovative ideas to come together in pursuit of employment opportunities. With a firm assurance of available jobs and prospects, Omondi emphasized the readiness of his team to facilitate this endeavor, citing numerous job opportunities already secured from supportive Kenyans.

Omondi’s advocacy for job creation has been marked by notable actions, exemplified by his bold attempt in March 2023 to deliver his CVs to the State House, a move that led to his arrest along Uhuru Highway. In a poignant video captured by K24 Digital, Omondi was seen perspiring as he pushed a cart laden with boxes containing his CVs, a tangible representation of his unwavering commitment to addressing unemployment.

This incident was not an isolated one; rather, it marked Omondi’s persistent activism, characterized by encounters with law enforcement. Earlier in the same month, he was detained for distributing maize flour at City Stadium along Jogoo Road, amidst allegations of seeking support for a journey to State House. Despite authorities’ accusations, Omondi maintained his stance, asserting that his actions were driven solely by a desire to assist fellow Kenyans in need.

Prior to these events, Omondi had been arrested for organizing demonstrations at Parliament, aimed at protesting against the escalating cost of living. Alongside a group of 16 others, he faced legal proceedings, ultimately being released on bail. In his capacity as an activist, Omondi called upon political figures like Raila Odinga to intensify protests, advocating for daily demonstrations as a means of compelling the government to address the financial hardships experienced by ordinary citizens.

Drawing attention to the government’s expenditure on luxuries juxtaposed with the economic struggles of the populace, Omondi urged for sustained pressure through continuous protests. Referencing instances of lavish spending, such as the allocation of funds for vehicle purchases, he highlighted the disparity between government priorities and the urgent needs of Kenyan citizens. Through his impassioned pleas and unwavering activism, Omondi has emerged as a vocal advocate for social change, championing the cause of employment opportunities and economic justice for all Kenyans.