“Who knows his Music?” : Tiktoker Gaitho says Samidoh not talented onto kikuyus.

Francis Gaitho, a well-known content creator on TikTok, has joined the conversation regarding the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi. Mwathi was reported to have fallen to his death after visiting DJ Fatxo’s home for a business meeting.

Gaitho, in his latest video, questioned why Mwathi’s uncle Samidoh Muchoki did not react to his nephew’s death immediately and waited for social media to react before taking action. He also insinuated that the cause of Mwathi’s demise goes beyond what people are saying.

In the same video, Gaitho criticized individuals who have been pushing Samidoh as the best musician Kikuyu people have ever had. He argued that Samidoh has no discernible talent in composing or any other aspect of music, and that he is not known to the majority of Kikuyus. Gaitho further stated that Samidoh’s fame was imposed on the community, and people don’t know where it came from or who is profiting from it.


According to Gaitho, people who hire Samidoh let him manage the gate and control the charges, and the people who attend his events are not true fans. Gaitho noted that Samidoh is never making headlines for his music, immense talent, composing or arrangement.

Instead, he is famous for drama, side-shows, chics, and baby mama. In conclusion, Gaitho pointed out that Kikuyu culture is being appropriated for headlines, and it is high time that people recognized Samidoh’s lack of talent and stopped promoting him as the best Kikuyu artist.