Reggae is Baba and Baba will be President”- David Murathe Tells Ruto To Forget About The Presidency

“Reggae is Baba and Baba will be President”- David Murathe Tells Ruto To Forget About The Presidency.

After the high court dismissed BBI bill saying that it is unconstitutional hence making it null and Void, Jubilee Party Vice-chairman, David Murathe has come out to tell DP Ruto not to get exited.

Taking to his Facebook account and, Murathe said that the next Kenyan President will be ODM Party Leader, Raila Odinga seeing that Ruto will not be in the 2022 ballot.

“With or without BBI, Raila Odinga must be President. Nobody will compete against Raila in 2022 because William Ruto won’t be on the ballot. Yes, Baba is Reggae and Reggae is unstoppable.

This comes amidst huge celebration by the BBI opposers like Ndindi Nyoro who held a peaceful demonstration in Murang’a town to celebrate the courts ruling.

“This insensitive regime has decided to increase fuel prices to punish Kenyans. All Kenyans must say no to increment in fuel prices and other essentials. No to BBI,” Nyoro Said.

Notably, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua taking to Facebook thanked the five High Court judges, Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Mumbua Matheka, Jairus Ngaah and Chacha Mwita who unanimously said that the BBI process is unconstitutional,Null and Void.

“I salute our five High Court Judges for protecting our Constitution and liberating the people of Kenya from State capture.The BBI process and intention has been a fraud from the word go, it was meant to serve personal interests and had nothing to do with the people of Kenya,” Gachagua said.

“I am excited that we still have an independent Judiciary in a Country where all other institutions serve under the mercy and direction of the Executive, he added.

“I am proud to have voted with my conscience and rejected intimidation, harassment and bribery to reject an unconstitutional bill that was to overburden Kenyans while serving the interests of the ruling elite,” Gachagua stated.

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