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Murang’a Family in agony: 17yr Daughter fighting for her life after brutal attack, burnt with acid  at a birthday party

In Kangangu village, nestled within Maragua, Murang’a County, a family’s anguish reverberates as they plead for justice in the wake of a harrowing incident involving their 17-year-old daughter. Allegedly, she was assaulted and left unconscious, her prone form discarded along the desolate expanse of the Kenol-Thika Highway.

Initial accounts paint a grim picture: the young girl, presently fighting for her life within the walls of Kenol Hospital, was purportedly abducted from a bar in Kenol town. There, she was subjected to a nightmarish ordeal—drugged, violated, and horrifically scarred with acid—before being callously abandoned by the roadside.

Peter Kirii, the distraught father, recounts that his daughter, a recent graduate of Kagaa Secondary School who had just completed her KCSE exams, had innocently attended a friend’s birthday celebration at the aforementioned bar. It was there that a male acquaintance enticed her to accompany him to another drinking establishment nearby, setting into motion a sequence of events that would shatter their lives.

Responding to the distress call, officers from Kenol Police Station intervened, swiftly transporting her to Thika Mission Hospital in a desperate bid to save her fragile existence.

Despite the swift apprehension of three individuals suspected of involvement in this abhorrent act, their subsequent release under murky circumstances has only deepened the wounds of injustice. Esther Njeri, the anguished mother, her voice trembling with emotion, reveals the extent of her daughter’s suffering—her very flesh marred by the assailants’ brutality, with her right ear, breast, and hip joint grievously mutilated.

In their quest for redress, the family casts a shadow of doubt upon the efficacy of the authorities, accusing officers from Kabati Police Station of apathy in conducting a thorough investigation. Their plea for justice resonates as a stark reminder of the fragility of safety and the urgent need for accountability in the face of such heinous crimes.