“Hakuna mwanaume ananitaka?” – Pritty Vishy is searching for A boyfriend

A recently verified content creator on Instagram has expressed her ambition in a post, writing “Is there any potential man out there who sees this burden? Valentine’s Day is approaching, please get me out of this situation.

You guys should start Dming me, interviews are ongoing in my DMs. Make sure you have money, that’s the first qualification. I’m serious.” Fans flooded her comments section with mixed reactions, with some expressing support and others questioning her priorities.

The content creator has been sharing thoughts on relationships since late last year, including a confession in September 2022 that she may be interested in the same gender. In December, a video of her and another socialite getting close went viral, sparking rumors about their relationship.

She also shared quotes on her Instagram regarding the type of man she would want, stating that she would not date a jobless man and that a man should not dictate her personality, career, or body shape.