Kenya Matatu Owners Reject The return of NTSA on roads

The Matatu Owners Association (MOA) has strongly opposed the government’s decision to reintroduce National Transport and Safety Authority officers (NTSA) on the roads, arguing that the directive issued by Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen lacked consultation with industry stakeholders. Patricia Mutheu, the Chief Executive Officer of MOA, emphasized the importance of collaboration and dialogue between industry players and the government in addressing road safety issues.

Albert Karakacha, the President of MOA, criticized the reintroduction of NTSA officers on the roads, suggesting that it would exacerbate corruption. He asserted that NTSA should primarily function as a regulatory body in the transportation sector rather than directly enforcing traffic regulations on the roads. Karakacha stressed the importance of NTSA focusing on policy-making and regulatory functions within the transport sector.

In response, Murkomen directed NTSA, in partnership with the National Police Service, to promptly enforce road safety regulations.

Meanwhile, the Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) has called for strict adherence to traffic rules to mitigate road accidents in the country. Francis Atwoli, the Secretary General of Cotu, attributed the increasing number of road accidents to negligence and the disregard for traffic rules by motorists. Atwoli emphasized the need for stringent measures to address the prevailing lawlessness on Kenyan roads, questioning the effectiveness of enforcement amid widespread corruption.

He urged the President to intervene and address the situation, expressing concern over the perceived relaxation of law enforcement institutions in the country. Atwoli highlighted the urgent need for action to prevent further loss of life due to road accidents.