“We ‘feel’ each other” Diamond Platinumz and Zuchu claims

Diamond Platinumz and Zuchu have dismissed rumors of being romantically involved with each other. In an interview with Wasafi Media, the two artists explained that they are simply good friends who collaborate on various projects for their record label, Wasafi.

During the interview, they were asked some probing questions about the nature of their relationship, including whether they had ever been intimate with each other. While both Diamond and Zuchu hesitated to answer, Diamond explained that their connection was purely musical, citing their great chemistry and vibe when they work together.

Diamond and Zuchu also revealed that they frequently make late-night WhatsApp calls to discuss their business dealings and share ideas about their music. They stated that they support each other’s growth as artists, but any decision to pursue a romantic relationship would need to be approved by their families, adhere to traditions, and ultimately be blessed by God.

Despite the denial of any romantic involvement, some fans speculate that Diamond and Zuchu are waiting for the right time to reveal their true feelings for each other. However, others believe that Diamond’s history of infidelity in past relationships may be a deterrent to any potential romance between the two artists.