WETANGULA’s Kikuyu wife ANN caused a scene at the State House luncheon – What she did left senior politicians in the Kenya Kwanza coalition shocked

The wife of National Assembly Speaker, Moses Wetangula, is said to have caused a scene at the State House inauguration luncheon on Tuesday.

According to sources, Wetangula’s wife, Ann, arrived at State House in a flashy guzzler accompanied by her children and picked a table in the VVIP section.

She then refused to allow anyone else to occupy the table despite being several empty seats at the table.

The venue was packed to the brim and some guests, including senior politicians in the Kenya Kwanza coalition, had even missed seats.

At some point, some leaders made their way and sat at the table but Wetangula’s wife called security and ordered them to be ejected, claiming that the high table was reserved for her family.

She reminded them of her new status as the wife of the National Assembly Speaker, who is the third most powerful man in Kenya after the President and his Deputy.

Afraid of causing drama, the leaders obliged and occupied another table.

But before leaving the table as ordered, they reminded her that her single vote could not have won an election.

They told her that every guest at the luncheon played a role in forming the Government.

She is also said to have mistreated waitresses contracted to serve guests.

Wetangula’s wife is not strange to controversies.

She has a reputation for beating her husband.

In 2016, Wetangula reported her to the police after she assaulted him and inflicted multiple injuries on his body.