Bahati Finally Opens up on Diana Marua’s Pregnancy

For several months, speculations have been circulating on the internet regarding Diana Marua’s potential pregnancy. These rumors have been fueled by the noticeable expansion of her stomach. In a significant display of transparency, Bahati has chosen to publicly acknowledge the pregnancy, marking a noteworthy progression.

In an interview with an online news platform, Bahati and Diana addressed the pregnancy speculation while shedding light on their upcoming event at Ashaki Gardens in Ruiru, aimed at connecting with Kenyans and their supporters.

Both Bahati and Diana expressed surprise at the rumors, confessing that they were unaware of Diana’s pregnancy until the rumors surfaced. During the interview, Bahati posed a direct question to Diana about her pregnancy status, prompting a laughter from Diana Marua. Her subsequent silence left room for interpretation, leaving the answer open-ended.

To address the uncertainty, Bahati has assured their followers that they will consult with a medical professional to definitively determine the authenticity of the rumors. Once the veracity of the pregnancy is confirmed, they intend to share the news with the public.

Bahati also mentioned that his recent focus on political campaigns had diverted his attention, causing him to overlook the circulating rumors. Despite these distractions, he remains committed to his election campaign and holds a strong belief in his eventual representation of Mathare in parliament. Reflecting on his political journey, Bahati acknowledged the challenges and conflicts he has faced, expressing a desire to shield his wife, Diana, from such experiences due to his personal sentiments.