' I thank God for you Everyday' Esther Musila 55 to husband Guardian Angel 32 -

‘ I thank God for you Everyday’ Esther Musila 55 to husband Guardian Angel 32

Esther Musila has expressed her gratitude towards her husband, Guardian Angel, for being a part of her life. In a touching post on her social media, she stated that if given the chance, she would still choose to live her life with him. She wrote, “My G, I thank God for you every day. For the peace, love, and joy you have brought to my life. Walking in this journey called life with you, only I know how much you continue to impact my life every day. God bless you for me and may the good Lord continue to increase you. Have a gratitude-filled Sunday.”

Guardian Angel responded with his own appreciation, saying that Musila has made him a better man. He wrote, “I Thank God for you Ma Love. You have made me a better Man.”

On the couple’s wedding anniversary, Musila wrote a beautiful message to her husband, expressing her gratitude for the love and friendship he has brought into her life. She wrote, “Thank you for the late-night laughs and the early-morning kisses you shower me with. Thank you for showing me humility and being a blessing to my life.” She added that every moment with Guardian has been memorable and that she wishes for him to be blessed with happiness, health, joy, and prosperity in life.

Recently, the couple’s daughter celebrated her 29th birthday, and Musila wrote a post expressing her gratitude. During the celebration, a video was played in their living room of Guardian singing a happy birthday song to Gilda, with Musila seated on his lap. The emotional video showed Gilda shedding tears as her mother embraced her and the other family members cheered. The video is now on Musila’s Instagram page.