“This day took away my physical beauty but not who I am” – Burn survivor, Francess Obanye marks 17 years since she was attacked with acid by her uncle’s wife.

Taking to her social media account, burn survivor, Obanye Francess revealed that she is celebrating her 17th anniversary to mark the day she got burnt with acid by her uncle’s wife.

Read her full story;

“A day like today!! I cried till there was no more tears in my eyes. A day like today I felt pains that I won’t forget till I die.”

A day like today I asked so many questions that I am yet to get the answers till today!On the 17th of November I started a journey!!”

“This day took our my physical beauty but didn’t take away who I was. This day gave me scars that will always remind me!!”

“Yes that this girl is really a strong girl . Today I am celebrating lifeThis is my 17th year of always smiling even when it hurts deep down me!!”

“Even in my next life to come I will always choose me. Happy 17th year Anniversary to me and I can boldly say to myself, Hey girl you are a strong girl. 17-2004 to 17-2021”