Businessman in Eastleigh Shooting ‘Adan Ali Mohamed’  Sustained Serious Spinal Cord Injury

On Sunday, a spokesperson for a businessman disclosed to the media that Mohammed, carrying Ksh4 million in cash representing two days’ worth of cooking oil sales, was en route to deposit the money in a bank. Traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle, Mohammed was confronted by another motorcyclist and shot in the neck.

Subsequently, he was swiftly transported to the hospital, where it was determined that he had sustained a spinal cord injury as the bullet had entered through his neck and exited through his back.

According to a relative, upon finding the bank closed, Mohammed contacted a colleague for advice and was instructed to use a motorcycle for transport. Unfortunately, within a short distance, he fell victim to unidentified assailants who shot him and absconded with the cash.

Medical personnel at the hospital disclosed the severity of Mohammed’s injury, indicating the necessity for specialized intervention. Upon his arrival, Mohammed had lost sensation in his legs, prompting immediate diagnostic procedures including CT and MRI scans.

An attending medical expert elaborated, stating, “The imaging confirmed our suspicions of a serious spinal cord injury. He will require a procedure to stabilize and decompress the spine, offering a chance for recovery.”

At the time of the attack, Mohammed, aged 26, was reportedly en route to BBS Mall. Following the incident, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations arrived at the scene to collect evidence and assess the situation.

Eastleigh police authorities confirmed the initiation of a manhunt for the two assailants involved in the attack.