Man says his wife always direspected hence he felt a less man in marriage and aman who could not have a say

Javan 37 years and his wife had been living in marriage for eight years down the line. His wife
was a respectful lady the first three years in marriage and now she had turned to someone who
never recognized her husband’s presence.

“Every nights she would even have guts to be coming home late. Most of the times her phone
was busy as a series of men would call him and even call her some sweet names. My wife was
not respectful as she would respond something that made us be in a tussle most of the time,” he

He tried what he could by trying to reach her close relatives on ways they would help shape his
wife but they were of no help as they had the dilution that their daughter was an angel. He was
never a happy man as he lacked peace of mind even at his work place as most of the times he
remembered how his wife was a stubborn one.

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“My wife has since changed. She recognizes me as her legal husband. This spells from Dr
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