A 55 Years Old Man Returns Back to Primary School -

A 55 Years Old Man Returns Back to Primary School

A 55-year-old man, Vianney, has returned to primary school in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the aim of acquiring the knowledge necessary to fit in with the changing world. Vianney and his wife never received a formal education, leading Vianney to pursue his dream of going back to school. He enrolled in primary five, making him the oldest in his class.

Vianney spoke with Afrimax English about his experience, admitting that it is a struggle to keep up with the teaching in the classroom. The primary education system now uses English as the main language, whereas in Vianney’s time, French was the dominant language. Despite the difficulties, Vianney has received immense support from his wife, teachers, and classmates. He has even inspired other young people to return to their education.

Vianney is confident that he will successfully complete his primary education, move on to secondary school, and eventually attend a tertiary institution or university to study as an artisan. This is his end goal, and he is determined to achieve it.