Bride-to-be visits her married boyfriend for one last “SERVICE ” before her wedding

Over the weekend, a Nigerian man named Victor Asemota took to Twitter to recount a strange incident he witnessed. According to Asemota, a bride-to-be visited her already-married boyfriend for one last sexual encounter before her traditional and white wedding ceremonies. The woman allegedly slept with her side-nigga in exchange for a monetary wedding gift. Asemota described this experience as his weirdest in Nigeria.

What made the situation even more bizarre was that the bride’s sister-in-law was aware of the exchange and even accompanied her to visit the side-nigga. In a series of tweets, Asemota expressed his confusion and disbelief at the situation, writing that he gave up all his understanding at that point. He also commented on the low trust in Nigeria, noting that people are aware of what others are capable of doing to them without inhibitions, which is why they fear juju (a type of traditional Nigerian magic) more than the law.

This incident highlights some of the more unusual aspects of Nigerian culture, particularly around relationships and financial transactions. It’s unclear whether this is a common occurrence or just an isolated incident. However, it’s clear that Asemota found the situation shocking and confusing, and his tweets have sparked discussion on social media.

This incident also raises questions about the ethics of transactional relationships, particularly those that involve sex. While sex work is illegal in Nigeria, it’s clear that some people engage in such activities for financial gain. However, it’s important to remember that engaging in such activities without the full and informed consent of all parties involved can be exploitative and unethical.

Overall, this incident is a reminder that culture is complex and multifaceted, and that what may seem unusual or shocking to one person may be perfectly normal to another. It’s also a reminder that we should always strive to approach such situations with empathy and an open mind, and to avoid judging others based solely on our own cultural norms and values.