Moya David's 'Rival' Trevor Confirms Receipt of Demand Letter -

Moya David’s ‘Rival’ Trevor Confirms Receipt of Demand Letter

Trevor Silaz, a TikTok content creator, has recently shared that Moya David’s legal team has sent him papers, demanding that he stops stealing his choreography. According to Trevor, Moya David wanted him to stand out in a conversation with Commentator254 on his YouTube channel. Trevor stated that the letter from Moya’s legal team instructed him to stop using Moya’s choreography, and it was received on March 2nd.

Trevor also clarified that he is not competing with Moya David and that there are many bloggers and content creators in the industry. However, he believes that the problem lies in his fast-growing following on social media. He mentioned that he has been creating videos on the streets of Nairobi, focusing on helping the less fortunate by dancing for them and giving them food, cash, and roses.

Trevor further revealed that Moya David had called him and asked him to change his style because he did not appreciate how similar they looked. Moya had accused Trevor of copying his style, including his bag, headband, and hairstyle. Trevor acknowledged that he had participated in a TikTok challenge that involved imitating Moya’s moves and style, but he did it out of admiration and appreciation for Moya’s talent.

Trevor also pointed out that Moya David could not do everything on his own and needed people to help him. He believed that he was contributing to Moya’s brand by using his content to help the less fortunate on the streets of Nairobi.

In conclusion, Trevor Silaz has been accused of stealing Moya David’s choreography, which has led to legal action against him. Trevor claims that he admires Moya’s talent and has been using his content to help the less fortunate on the streets of Nairobi. Despite the legal issues, Trevor believes that he is contributing to Moya’s brand and hopes to continue doing so in the future.