Zuchu; Diamond broke my virginity -

Zuchu; Diamond broke my virginity

Zuchu, the reigning star of Bongo Flava, has unequivocally affirmed that her significant other and mentor, Diamond Platnumz, is the only man she has ever shared a romantic relationship with.

In a candid moment during an interview with a Wasafi presenter, the duo participated in a question and answer session where they were handed folded pieces of paper containing questions to answer.

One particular question caught Zuchu off guard, as it inquired about the number of romantic partners she had been involved with thus far.

The question read, “Up to now, how many men or women have you been in a romantic relationship with?” Zuchu’s response was both unexpected and heartwarming as she replied, “Only one,” while affectionately embracing Diamond, who stood by her side. Diamond, in turn, appeared visibly moved by Zuchu’s affectionate reply.

In a twist that surprised many, Zuchu then requested the presenters to pose the same question to Diamond. Without hesitation, Diamond admitted that he had never been romantically involved with any other woman apart from Zuchu.

This declaration by Diamond may have raised eyebrows, considering his well-known history of romantic entanglements with several high-profile women, including Wema Sepetu, Hamisa Mobetto, Zari Hassan, Tanasha Dona, and others.

Furthermore, Diamond has already fathered numerous children, with two from his relationship with Zari, one with Tanasha, and one with Hamisa Mobetto.