Mukombero : Mythical Root That Kenyan Men like to Chew with A ‘Chuckle’

In the highlands and Western Kenya, one can often encounter men chewing on a peculiar yellowish root while meandering along dusty roads. Inquiring about the reason behind their fondness for this root typically results in a perplexed look. On occasion, the more courteous individuals might respond with a cryptic statement like, “Hii ni dawa (This is medicine).”

Upon further inquiry, some may reveal the true purpose of this mysterious substance called mukombero: it is believed to enhance a man’s vitality. For those unfamiliar with the colloquialisms of Western Kenya, this is essentially a euphemism for boosting a man’s libido.

Interestingly, the quest to address issues of sexual prowess in men is not unique to Western Kenya. Throughout the world, various cultures have associated specific consumables with increased male sexual desire (rarely, if ever, for women). Some myths, particularly rooted in the Indian subcontinent, have claimed that tiger penises confer a performance advantage upon their consumers.

Who could forget the quail craze of 2013 and 2014? During that time, quail eggs were touted as a panacea for almost everything, except death itself. However, among the many supposed benefits attributed to these tiny birds, the most prominent was their ability to instantly rejuvenate the virility of “less active” men. But the list doesn’t end there; octopus soup, turtle eggs, and even a scorpion’s sting have all been mentioned in the same breath as possessing magical properties that can transform a man from a state of sexual disability to one of readiness.

Now, you might wonder if indulging in a tiger penis or any of these exotic concoctions for breakfast would truly intensify your desires beyond what you already feel. According to Dr. John Ong’ech, the answer is a resounding no. He firmly asserts, “No amount of mukombero, tiger parts, bites, or food will boost a man’s libido.” Dr. Ong’ech goes on to explain, “All these claims lack substantiation through scientific studies and proper research.”

In Dr. Ong’ech’s view, a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul are sufficient to foster ample libido in both men and women. Besides Viagra, the chemically processed pill with proven libido-enhancing properties, and its generic counterparts, Dr. Ong’ech contends that nothing else, particularly of a biological nature, can significantly enhance a man’s virility.

In essence, a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity are the keys to achieving the desired effects that mukombero enthusiasts and tiger penis aficionados seek. Dr. Ong’ech acknowledges that mukombero may possess medicinal properties as a plant, but this does not automatically qualify it as an aphrodisiac.

Sometimes, challenges with sexual responsiveness can be attributed not to the need for external assistance but rather to factors such as one’s mental state, physical health, or psychological well-being. Thus, if you find yourself considering octopus soup, remember that its benefits are primarily nutritional and have nothing to do with enhancing male potency.