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Pritty Vishy Finally Reveals Why She Cheated On Stivo Simple Boy.

The ever controversial Pritty Vishy has finally revealed why she cheated on her now ex-boyfriend, Stivo Simple Boy.

The voluptuous lass said that she never found Stivo as an attractive guy who she can boast to her friends with.

The lass went on to add that she only dated the Mihadarati hitmaker for fun.

Let me just say he was not attractive to me I won’t lie,

Vishy confessed.

She went on to add that she cheated on Stivo with multiple men who would satisfy her bedroom needs.

This comes few days after the Kibera based singer revealed the main reason to their breakup saying that Vishy was only after s*x.

Stivo also added that Vishy dumped him shortly after he refused to have s*x with her.

Vishy’s confession saw her face massive backlash from kenyans who called her out for wasting the musician’s time.