Nairofey Buys A Bag Worth Sh127,000

Influencer Nairofey astonished her followers by revealing the contents of a Teddy Blake bag she purchased for Sh127,000.

Nairofey is one of the select few influencers who enjoys leading an opulent lifestyle.

She also generated a lot of buzzes when she displayed the refrigerator and automobile that her fictitious ex-boyfriend had purchased for her last year.

She displayed her elegant handbag in an unboxing video on Instagram and a statement indicating where she purchased it.

She even provided a discount coupon for her followers to utilize when purchasing the bag.

nairofey_back_upUnboxing my @teddy_blake 127,000ksh (USD 910) handbag!Good news, indeed! If you purchase now, you will receive a discount of up to 60%! For an additional 30% discount, use the coupon TBNairofey30.#teddyblake

Her followers expressed their surprise at the bag’s price in the comments section.

Others told her she could have made better investments with that money in the current economy.

Others were shocked that she could buy such an expensive bag in the current economic climate.