”Angejenga Nairobi’ Oga Obinna Criticizes Mulamwah for Building a Mansion in the Rural Area -

”Angejenga Nairobi’ Oga Obinna Criticizes Mulamwah for Building a Mansion in the Rural Area

Comedian Oga Obinna has voiced strong criticism against his fellow comedian Mulamwah for investing a significant amount of money in building an opulent mansion in their hometown, while he himself resides in a rented one-bedroom apartment in Nairobi.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Obinna expressed his view that constructing a house in the village while spending the majority of one’s time in the city is a misguided and unfavorable financial decision.

Obinna acknowledged that he was one of the pioneering comedians to build a house in his hometown. However, in hindsight, he now recognizes that his choice to invest in that location might not have been the wisest.

“I constructed my house a while ago; I believe I was among the first comedians to do so. I built houses for both my parents and myself. However, building in the village can often be an unwise investment because, most of the time, you aren’t there. You invest millions, sometimes more than ten million, and yet you hardly live there,” explained Obinna.

“For example, I rarely spend the night in my own house. When I visit Kisumu, I prefer to stay in a hotel, briefly checking on my home just to ensure the lawn is maintained. During my visits, I usually stay in my village house for about two nights, while the majority of my time is spent in Nairobi,” he added.

However, Obinna clarified that he is not discouraging people from building homes. Instead, he suggests that if you do choose to build, you should be cautious about investing substantial sums in a place where you don’t spend much time.

“I’m not saying people shouldn’t build; by all means, go ahead and build. However, it’s advisable not to sink a considerable amount of money into a place where you won’t be residing most of the time. If you have significant funds at your disposal, that’s fine. But if not, it’s better to build a house close to your primary residence,” he emphasized.

Obinna shared his own plans to purchase a house in Nairobi with a budget of 30 million Kenyan shillings. However, he noted that if he comes into substantial funds, he might consider building or acquiring a house worth 60 million shillings.

Over the past weekend, Mulamwah revealed to his fans the luxurious mansion he has been constructing in his hometown of Kitale. He mentioned that he has already invested over 10 million shillings in the project, and the construction is approximately 70% complete. Mulamwah also provided a glimpse of how the finished mansion will appear to his followers.