Inside A Multimillion Furnished Mansion owned Kenyan Boxer Fatuma Zarika

The Multimillion Mansion of Kenyan Boxer Fatuma Zarika: Fatuma Zarika is a name that is etched in the annals of Kenyan boxing history. Her numerous accolades and successful representation of Kenya in international boxing competitions have made her one of the most celebrated boxers in the country.

Fatuma’s success in boxing and her association with Sportpesa have made her a millionaire. With her wise financial acumen, she decided to invest in a luxurious mansion. She proudly revealed that the house was purchased using the millions she made from boxing. The mansion is situated in a gated community on Kenyattaa Road in Kiambu, providing a secure and peaceful living environment.

The house is a three-bedroom, fully furnished mansion that boasts spacious rooms and all the modern amenities. With its estimated worth of Ksh. 11 Million, Fatuma can live a lavish lifestyle without any worries.

When Fatuma unveiled her dream home, she expressed gratitude to all the supporters, including Kenyans and Sportpesa. As the brand ambassador for Sportpesa, Fatuma also trains kickboxers, showing her dedication to promoting the sport.

Even though Kenyan boxing is still struggling to regain its former glory, Fatuma, along with other boxers, is working hard to bring the sport back to its former prestige. Fatuma’s mansion is a testament to the success that can be achieved through hard work and determination.