” Lecturer Alinipea Mechi Safi Kwa ofisi yake Na Ukimwi” A Kenyan University Student Reveals.

A Kenyan university student enrolled in one of the country’s renowned institutions recently sparked controversy online by revealing a distressing experience involving her lecturer and the transmission of HIV and AIDS in exchange for academic success.

The narrative unfolded on Betty Wahome’s platform, where the young woman disclosed that she had been attending the university but frequently skipped classes. One day, the lecturer assigned them a task and instructed each student to submit it individually.

Observing her infrequent class attendance, the lecturer realized she was on the brink of failing the course. In many universities, regular class attendance is a prerequisite for qualification. Faced with potential failure, the student became emotional. Seizing the opportunity, the lecturer proposed a dubious deal – he offered to help her pass the course if she agreed to engage in an intimate relationship with him. Without hesitation, the young woman accepted the proposal and fulfilled the terms of the agreement.

Upon the release of the results, she found herself at the top of the class, and the lecturer appointed her as the class representative. That evening, their liaison continued, and she described the encounter as captivating, with the lecturer’s performance being noteworthy.

However, approximately two months later, while on an internship, she began experiencing unusual symptoms. Seeking medical attention, she received the devastating diagnosis of being HIV positive.

This revelation marked a profound change in her life. Desiring clarity and accountability, she reached out to the lecturer, the only person she had been involved with in the past eight months. Shockingly, he blocked her, leaving her to grapple with the reality of living with HIV.