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Andrew Kibe To Men : Kama Madem Hawaingii Inbox Yako Work Hard

Kenyan digital content creator Andrew Kibe, widely recognized as Mr. Lambistic, has conveyed a message urging men to prioritize self-improvement to attract women, rather than passively waiting for attention to come their way.

In a TikTok video, Kibe emphasized the importance of men focusing on personal growth and achievement, rather than investing time in pursuing women through their social media inboxes. He emphasized that a man who has diligently worked towards establishing himself with status and financial stability would naturally command attention, rather than resorting to seeking validation from women.

“Unless you’ve reached a certain level, women shouldn’t be flooding your inbox. Work hard, please. There are things you haven’t accomplished yet. You don’t have the right car or appearance. You have achieved nothing. Work diligently, please. There’s nothing more futile than indulging in chasing women’s attention,” Kibe stated.

During a recent interview with former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi, alias Sonko, an unexpected confrontation arose when a hostile group confronted Kibe, accusing him of arrogance. The situation escalated rapidly, leading to chaos and the abrupt termination of the interview. However, Sonko intervened and managed to diffuse the tension.

Kibe’s influence extends to a significant audience who value and resonate with his content. Through his podcast, “The Andrew Kibe Show,” he tackles diverse subjects, including discussions on political figures and condensing trending stories into digestible segments, ensuring his audience remains well-informed and engaged.