Dr. Ofweneke: “Most of you are poor because you had s3x with poor people”

Prominent comedian and radio personality Dr. Ofweneke, whose birth name is Sande Bush, has advised men to steer clear of dating women facing financial challenges, emphasizing the potential lack of reciprocity if gender roles were reversed.

During a Radio47 discussion, Dr. Ofweneke clarified that his counsel does not advocate for men exploiting women for their financial resources. He urged men to refrain from dating financially struggling women, stating, “Men, refrain from dating financially challenged women because they may not reciprocate if the tables were turned. I’m not suggesting you pursue women for their money,” he clarified.

Dr. Ofweneke went on to emphasize that certain men have faced financial difficulties due to their relationships with specific women. According to the TV personality, some men, initially on a path to success, derailed after becoming intimately involved with the wrong women, some of whom he asserted may be affected by curses and witchcraft spells.

“People often overlook the fact that money attracts money and wealth attracts wealth. Similarly, poverty attracts poverty. Some of you are experiencing financial challenges because you engaged intimately with individuals in financial distress,” he claimed.

In a previous broadcast, Dr. Ofweneke offered advice to men, cautioning them to be cautious of women carrying unresolved issues from past relationships, who frequently draw comparisons between their current and former partners. He urged men to consciously end relationships with such women and seek healthier connections with more compatible partners.

“There are instances where individuals date to test their past partners. The woman has not moved on. She’s dating you to prove to her ex that she can move on, but the truth is she hasn’t. Men, if your partner is still entangled in issues with her ex and constantly compares him to you, it’s best to distance yourself from such situations,” Dr. Ofweneke advised.