Kiambu Residents Living Near Karimenu Dam demand For Compensation Before Relocation to Higher Grounds

Gatundu North MP Njoroge Kururia has urged the government and the National Lands Commission (NLC) to expedite the compensation process for residents living near Karimenu Dam.

The MP’s appeal follows residents’ insistence that they will only relocate after receiving compensation for the land they contributed towards the dam’s construction.

In response to concerns about potential flooding due to heavy rains, President William Ruto issued a directive for all Kenyans residing around dams to evacuate within 48 hours to mitigate overflow risks.

However, reports indicate that some residents of Gitwamba have disregarded President Ruto’s directive to vacate their homes, citing concerns over the overflowing risk posed by Karimenu Dam.

Kimani Karanja, a resident, emphasized the need for the government not only to compensate them but also to provide a structured relocation plan for the affected residents, as highlighted in a report by Citizen TV.