“Alikuwa Mtoto Na Anapenda Bible Sana,”Diana Marua Opens Up On Why She Didn’t Want To Be Married By Bahati

Diana Marua recently opened up about the initial reservations she harbored regarding her decision to marry the Kenyan singer Bahati. The prominent social media influencer and occasional rapper shared her thoughts on the reasons behind her initial hesitations to commit to Bahati during the early stages of their relationship.

In a recent interview on her YouTube channel, Diana Marua, a mother of three, revealed that a key factor influencing her decision was the age difference between her and Bahati. She expressed a preference for marrying someone older and highlighted the concern of Bahati being three years younger.

“The primary reason was the age gap. You are three years younger than me. Society tends to frown upon relationships where the woman is older. I knew that if I were to settle down, I would choose a man older than myself,” Diana explained.

The couple delved into their love journey, discussing the initial phase of their relationship. Curious about Diana’s initial reluctance, Bahati questioned her, emphasizing their current status as parents.

Diana disclosed that when she first encountered the 30-year-old singer, he was deeply immersed in a religious lifestyle, which initially did not align with her preferences. While respecting Bahati’s commitment to his faith, she admitted that the strong emphasis on religious activities gave her pause.

“You were all about the Bible, Bible, Bible. I respected you,” Diana remarked.

Diana also shared that Bahati did not immediately pursue a romantic relationship after their first meeting. Instead, his interest developed over time as they got to know each other better.

In an earlier revelation, Diana mentioned that Bahati was not initially ready for marriage when they first met. However, over time, he transitioned into family life, and the couple explored their journey together.

Reflecting on their past, Diana disclosed that she became pregnant in July, and Bahati’s consistent efforts, symbolized by his visits in a Blue Mercedes from Ruaka to Syokimau, played a role in the eventual union. The couple discussed how Bahati played a significant role in helping Diana leave behind her party lifestyle.

“If it were not for me, you’d be sleeping in cells wondering when you’ll be a mother,” Bahati added during the conversation.