” Walinidharau , Now I’m Dating The Most Beautiful Woman in Kenya” Stevo Simple Boy says

Few could have anticipated that Stevo Simple Boy would eventually secure a date with the esteemed Betty Kyallo. Initially, when he shared the news on his social media platforms, he faced widespread ridicule and mockery. Many scoffed at the idea, asserting that Betty, being a woman of high stature, was beyond his financial reach.

However, Simple Boy remained resolute in his intentions, silencing his detractors by orchestrating a sophisticated dinner date at a luxurious city hotel with the enchanting Betty Mutei Kyallo.

The skeptics were left astounded as pictures and videos surfaced, showcasing the couple reveling in their time together and dispelling doubts about the authenticity of their connection. Despite the fact that numerous men harbor desires for Betty Kyallo, she had never previously ventured out on a date with any of them, underscoring the unique bond shared with Stevo Simple Boy.

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Stevo Simple Boy addressed the disparaging comments directed towards him, emphasizing how he has overcome the judgments. He declared that he is now on the brink of a relationship with one of the most beautiful women in Kenya. There seems to be a burgeoning possibility that Betty Kyallo is willing to give their connection a chance.

Simple Boy revealed that, despite initial reservations, he and Betty are in good terms and share a connection that extends beyond mere friendship. While Betty has asked him to be patient, the two engage in meaningful conversations. Optimistic about the future, Stevo envisions walking down the aisle with Betty Kyallo, and they harbor hopes of building a family together—a prospect that may unfold with time.