TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia breaks silence on being pregnant

Kinuthia, a social media personality, has been causing a stir among his fans with his peculiar videos showcasing his belly, leading many to speculate whether he is actually pregnant.

One curious fan took to his instastories to inquire about Kinuthia’s plans regarding starting a family, asking, “When are you planning to have a child?”

Amusingly, Kinuthia replied, “At the age of 21, I don’t even have a partner, let alone a car… Where will I find the energy to have a child? Please don’t stress me out.”

Kinuthia further revealed that his followers consistently question him about his alleged pregnancy, a claim he jokingly embraces. He shared, “I’ve been posting numerous videos, and people, especially on TikTok, comment inquiring about Kinuthia’s pregnancy. It’s astonishing, really. So, I play along with them. One person asked if I was pregnant, and I replied, ‘Yes, I am pregnant.’ It’s all in good fun.”

He added, “I tell people what they want to hear.”

Kinuthia clarified that he has no immediate plans to settle down, as he is still focused on enjoying life and having fun. He expressed his desire to have a family in the future but emphasized that it’s not the right time yet.

“Me, have a family?” he responded, shaking his head. “Not right now. I don’t see it happening. Maybe when I’m around 30 or so, once I’ve sorted out my life.”

A few months ago, Kinuthia shared a picture on his social media, announcing his readiness to be taken off the market. In the photo, he donned a midi black body-con dress, clear strap block heels, an animal print cover-up, a flawless makeup look, and a stylish wig.

“In all honesty, I’m tired of being single,” Kinuthia captioned the image, accompanied by a distressed and broken heart emoji.

As for which market he referred to, it remains unclear. It seems that individuals of all genders must take their chances and express their interest if they are attracted to him.

During a recent interview, Kinuthia disclosed that men frequently slide into his DMs, expressing their admiration for him. He also confessed to having a weakness for good things. He humorously warned, “Stop showing your husbands and boyfriends my videos. I notice them in my DMs, and I can’t resist good things.”

The speculations surrounding Kinuthia’s sexuality have led some to interpret these remarks as a hint, although he has not directly addressed the matter.