Brown Mauzo Na Otile Brown ni Lazy Men Wanapenda Kuekwa Na Wamama Wazee kama mimi, Nyako Says

Renowned TikTok figure, Pilot Nyako, recently cast a critical eye on a number of Kenyan celebrities, Azziad Nasenya, Akothee, Nelly Oaks, and musicians Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo among them.

The critique aimed at Otile Brown stemmed from Nyako’s previous assertion that he had approached her seeking financial assistance and expressing romantic interest. Nyako claimed that Otile Brown had pursued her with romantic intentions, but she declined his advances. Nyako asserted that she possesses evidence of sending money to Otile.

In delving into the personalities of Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo, Nyako portrayed them as individuals sharing similar characteristics—characterizing them as soft men who enjoy being pampered. Nyako alleged that both men tend to depend on older women for support, opting to live comfortably in the homes of such women.

Expressing her disapproval of this behavior, Nyako labeled such men as a disgrace to society. She emphasized her belief that men should embody traditional masculine qualities, acting as leaders within their households. Nyako extended her critique to Nelly Oaks, categorizing him alongside Otile Brown as individuals who prefer being cared for by older women.