Dj Krowbar Surprised By His Wife on Tv on Marking His 10 Years as a Dj

From a dj competition back in the days, DJ Krowbar was destined for purpose when he defeated the elite deejays that time to be crowned King of other deejays.

His journey had started before that competition with a series of trial and error. To become a professional was a process for DJ Krowbar,  who celebrated 10 years  on his birthday.

DJ Krowbar knew that this day would be special when he graced his show but little did he know that he would be surprised by his best friend, now his wife Joy Karosh. A woman that Krowbar loves with all his heart and has stood with him since the days when he used to walk from one destination to another just to make his work known
In a brief surprise that started with a song by Anthony Ndiema on the Tukuza Show, Krowbar saw his wife accompanied by friends and his two baby girls singing the birthday song. Carrying a cake on one hand anda mic on the other hand, his wife celebrated DJ Krowbar as someone whom she loves and appreciates so much for what he does on KTN every Sunday.
Getting emotional, DJ Krowbar broke down with the chills of having a wife who keeps making him appreciate marriage and what love is all about.
Joy had posted her tribute to Krowbar before that by stating :
“Today as my super amazing husband celebrates his birthday and his 10th anniversary in the ministry as a Dj, I want to take this opportunity and Glorify God for this far he has come, Babe have been a blessing to very many people, you have walked your talk and I am so blessed to call you mine, in this new season, May God favor and blessings be your portion, may you live for him till your last breath.
I am looking forward to so many great years ahead with you. You are the best, you rock and i love and appreciate you. Happy Birthday/anniversary my sweethubby”
DJ Krowbar has been seen as a mentor to several upcoming deejays including the likes of Ken The Deejay who plays on Tukuza whenever Krowbar is not around.

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