Mortuary Attendant Narrates How He Used To sleep With Dead Bodies while still Warm

In our day-to-day existence, each individual possesses a distinctive personal story that they would likely share if given the chance. Life, with its array of challenges and joys, is a shared experience for all.

Samaritan 254, preferring this pseudonym, recounts his journey as an undertaker and the peculiar encounters he faced during his tenure. He attributes his entry into the profession to his Aunt, who connected him with a group of Indians running a private morgue in Eldoret town. Initially unaware of the job’s nature, he was convinced in an unconventional manner, being offered a substance (bhang) to smoke. It’s worth noting that the composition of the bhang was uncertain to him. Despite the uncertainties, he accepted the job and its associated conditions. Prior to smoking the substance, he experienced a bout of nausea during a tour of the facility, where he caught glimpses of the deceased bodies he would soon be handling.

The narrative unfolds on his inaugural night shift, with his partner Otis guiding him through his responsibilities. In an unusual act around midnight or 2 a.m., Otis used a condom on a lifeless body. He then encouraged Stephen to emulate the same behavior.

Feeling bewildered and perplexed on his first day, Stephen questioned whether he had stepped into a surreal movie. Despite Otis’s suggestion, he chose not to follow suit. However, in the subsequent days, an opportunity arose when the body of a young Indian woman arrived. Stephen, seizing the moment, became the first to engage in intimate activities with the deceased.

It is crucial to emphasize that these events raise ethical concerns and underscore the importance of responsible and respectful conduct in all professional settings.