Vera Sidika  claims That She Spent Spent Two Million On Her Daughter Asia Birthday 

Vera Sidika, an entrepreneur and socialite, recently celebrated her daughter Asia Brown’s first birthday in a lavish manner, spending millions of shillings on the occasion. In fact, Asia also had a half birthday when she was six months old, during which her parents announced that she would be a CEO, and Vera launched a baby hair product company for her.

Vera revealed that she organized two separate birthday celebrations for Asia, one for her half birthday and the other for her first birthday. The decoration, food, and play area for the kids were all separate for the two events. Vera spent almost Sh 2 million on her daughter’s first birthday celebration alone.

Furthermore, Vera imported her daughter’s birthday dress from Florida in the USA, which cost her $250, equivalent to Sh 31,000. The dress, an Esmeralda pink dress made of silk tulle and silk satin top, came with a matching headpiece.

When asked what kind of a mother she wants her kids to know her as, Vera said that she wants to be the coolest mom ever. Although she is wealthy, she wants her children to be kind and appreciative of what life has to offer. She does not want them to be spoiled or think that life is all about material possessions.

Vera also defended herself against the perception that she is a snob, saying that she is full of positive energy and a kind soul.

Lastly, Vera advised upcoming socialites to make use of their brand before they fade away. She told them not to accept free tags in exchange for free goods, and to know their worth and not settle for less. She emphasized that growing a brand is very hectic, but worth it in the end.