Don’t equate my call for Mt Kenya unity with Tribalism, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua tells critics

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has adamantly defended his plea for unity in the Mount Kenya region, rebuffing accusations of tribalism. He clarified that his call for unity aims to consolidate the entire region, irrespective of political affiliations, behind President William Ruto.

Addressing a gathering at Gikondi village in Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri county, during the memorial service of Elizabeth Muthoni, daughter of former area MP Anthony Kiai, Gachagua reiterated the essence of unity for the region’s advancement. He emphasized that the unity agenda is not aimed at excluding anyone but rather seeks to foster collective purpose, ensuring the region’s rightful share of national resources and influence in the political sphere.

Accompanied by various political leaders, including Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga, Gachagua stressed the interconnectedness of regional and national unity. He urged leaders to prioritize unity within their respective regions, recognizing that cohesive regional units are pivotal for national harmony.

Dismissing detractors, Gachagua urged leaders to heed the grassroots sentiment, emphasizing the importance of local dynamics in politics. He expressed satisfaction with the grassroots support for the unity agenda, urging critics to align with the prevailing sentiments on the ground.

Furthermore, Gachagua called upon leaders from other regions to emulate Mount Kenya’s unity efforts, citing the significance of addressing local issues while bolstering national cohesion.

Shifting focus to agricultural reforms, particularly in the coffee sector, the Deputy President urged patience among coffee farmers as the government works towards revitalizing the industry. He highlighted President Ruto’s commitment to the sector, including a recent announcement of a substantial debt write-off for coffee cooperatives, as evidence of progress in the reform agenda.

In conclusion, Gachagua’s stance underscores the imperative of unity for regional and national development, rejecting tribalism accusations while advocating for inclusive progress and equitable distribution of resources.